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My trip to Japan has been a few months ago but I haven’t gotten around to posting anything about it yet, so here we go! On my third and last full day in Japan, I couldn’t help it and went to visit the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. You may or may not include it in a 4 day Osaka itinerary, but either way, there are so many amazing experiences and things to do in Osaka.

I had already been to the Universal Studios in Hollywood as well as Islands of Adventure and the Universal Studios in Orlando. But it’s been a couple of years ago and I really wanted to check out the one in Japan as well. But let’s be honest, I only went for the Wizardig World of Harry Potter. That part was exactly the same as in Florida when I was there back in 2012, but still the best thing ever!

entrance to the universal studios japan

How to get there?

It is really easy to get to the Universal Studios. Just take the Osaka Loop line and get off at  Universal City. It’s about five stations away from Osaka Main station. From the station Universal City it is only about a five-minute walk to the entrance of the theme park. Just follow the crowds, but there is only one way to go anyway.

Universal Studios Japan: Costs and Opening hours

A single day adult ticket costs around 7600 Yen (around €58). This ticket includes the entry to the park, including all rides. You can also purchase different fast passes that will allow you to skip parts of the queuing line and make you wait for a shorter period of time. However, they are rather expensive and also limited in number. Also two-day tickets can be purchased for 12800 Yen including tax (€97).

Opening hours vary so it will be wise to check on the website prior to planning your visit to the Universal Studios Japan. In general, during the winter months, the park is open until 7pm during weekdays and 9pm on the weekend. It usually opens sometime between 8:30am and 9:30am.

Universal Studios Japan: Themed Areas

Apart from the Harry Potter Themed Area, which is where I spent most time at, you can find different areas at the Theme Park. These are:

  • Minion Park
  • San Francisco
  • Jurassic Park
  • Amity Village
  • Waterworld
  • Universal Wonderland
  • Hollywood
  • New York

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Japan

This area includes two rides. For once the Forbidden Journey 4D ride as well as the Flight of the Hippogriff. The latter one is a small roller coaster while the first one possible is the best ride in the world (at least for me). It is 4D, so you will feel like you are actually flying around the Hogwarts castle with Harry Potter and his friends.

But you kind of have to experience it for yourself. While queuing you will see parts of the Hogwarts castle itself, including pictures of the founding members talking to each other. The only difference to the American version is the fact that the pictures were talking in Japanese, which was really funny. Especially if you don’t understand a word.

Other than the rides, you get to stroll around Hogsmeade and drink some Butterbeer as well. There are several shops such as Honeydukes or  Ollivanders. You also get to see the Hogwards express, have supper at the Three Broomsticks or do some shopping for your next visit to Hogwarts.

Other parts of the Universal Studios

I honestly didn’t see much of the other areas since I was to busy taking pictures at Harry Potter world. However, the Flying Dinosaur roller coaster in Jurassic Park was pretty fun and I would definitely not miss out on that. It’s one of those roller coasters where you just lay on your stomach, going down the hill head first, pretty amazing.

Also the Spiderman attraction in Hollywood was quite cool. It was also a 4D adventure, similar to the Forbidden Journey, including water and fire and Spiderman characters.

Tips before you go

  • I’m not sure if it is allowed to bring food but everything in the park is crazy expensive so at least some snacks would be a good idea to bring
  • If you go to the park by yourself you can spend a lot less time waiting because you can queue as a single rider. I think that saved me around an hour of waiting time at the Flying Dinosaur
  • Also if you can, already get your entry ticket online. It already took forever queuing at the entrance, which was just a waste of time, good luck

Have you been to any of the Universal Studios?

Read about my experience at the Universal Studio in Orlando, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time 🙂

Talk to you soon,

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