Red Bull gives you wings

Red Bull skydivers fly at 120mph

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the Red Bull skydivers!
Red Bull have released an unbelievable video of five skydivers wearing specially-designed wingsuits flying at 120mph at 13,000ft… oh, and if that’s not unbelievable enough for you, they’re also flying in formation with a pair of gliders, all at the same time.
In a daring manoeuvre above the Austrian Alps, the skydivers flew alongside the planes close enough to make eye contact with the pilots.

Red Bull Skydive team leader Paul Steiner, who coordinated the stunt involving 11 people and seven aircrafts, said: “Normally the idea is to stay as far away as possible from other flying objects. Instead, we headed straight for them. We were even able to look the pilots straight in the eye. I’ve still got goose bumps.”
“The gliders are constantly moving around,” added an experienced member of the Red Bull Skydive Team, Georg Lettner.
“It was definitely scary at times, but looking back it was an unbelievable experience. There are few things better than being able to look a pilot right in the eye as you fly alongside him.”
Pilot Ewald Roithner added: “None of us are adrenaline junkies. We’re all just guys who are looking for challenges to make our lives more intense. The secret is to prepare everything very carefully so that you can push the limits without going too far. It’s all about professional planning, conscientious training and absolute trust.
“Never before have humans and aircraft flown this close in formation. It is the first performance of its kind in the world.”
Have you ever been skydiving on your gap year? Would you ever do a stunt like this?
If you’re thinking of doing something crazy on your gap year then head to our adrenaline and extreme section for more details.
Also, Red Bull are currently looking for interns, so if you think you’re up for the challenge then check it out!
Photo of Red Bull skydivers via YouTube

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