Queen of the Jungle

Maire McDonnell wins ‘I’m A Backpacker… Get Me In Here!’

After months of campaigning and coverage, we finally have a winner of ‘I’m A Backpacker… Get Me In Here!’
Maire McDonnell, aged 22, has been crowned ‘Queen of the Jungle’, conquering everything put in front of her during the Bush Tucker Trails set up by Gold Coast Tourism.
All of the contestants had seven challenges to attempt. They were:

  1. Eat one whole dry Weetabix in a minute
  2. Eat one whole piece of Durian (an Asian fruit with one of the most pungent smells ever!)
  3. Eat three live meal worms
  4. Eat one live cricket (yummy)
  5. Eat one live woodie (a small cockroach)
  6. 1 X glass of a milkshake surprises
  7. 1 X shot glass of another milkshake surprise

Maire tackled everything with gusto (at times she even looked like she was enjoying it) and she’s won 10 nights’ accommodation courtesy of YHA Australia.
Andy Gosling finished a valiant second place and Sadie Rose was third.
The competition winners of ‘I’m A Backpacker… Get Me In Here!’ have enjoyed spending time on the Gold Coast and have done a number of activities, including visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Dreamworld & WhiteWater World, and learning to surf.
Would you have stomached eating crickets and cockroaches? What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten?
To learn more about Australia’s Gold Coast, explore gapyear.com’s guide to backpacking the Gold Coast.
And here are some of our fav pics:
Some things are harder to stomach than others
"Wriggly worms, you just can't catch em..."
All the contestants of 'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!'

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